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Our consulting team has the experience and skills to help solve operational problems with our IT and operations know how. Following are examples of the type of medium sized projects we excel in:


Straight Through Processing

The Eastmark Consulting group created a process allowing the user to store their business rules based on the characteristic of trades and operational practices and principles. The utility will then automatically examine each trade and, based on these rules, append key information needed to retrieve Standing Settlement Instructions (SSI) from Vendor industry databases, proprietary databases, client customized files or spreadsheets. Our utility replaces the manual process with an automated settlement location determination.

PC Emulator

Our team created a PC Screen Emulator Program for a Investment Firm that reads a trade file and populates into a trading Screen, based on the trade type, i.e. Purchase, Redemption, Exchange. Once populated, the trade screen is automatically entered/released to the trading system, intercepting and interpreting return messages. Rejected trades are written to a Reject File for further processing and a Control Report is produced containing all trades activity.


Mutual Fund Tax Compliance

Our team was asked to design a system around the IRS remittance and reporting
requirements for Tefra/Backup and NRA withholding plus the accompanying bank
reconciliation needs. We built the system to include all the features necessary to
make the operation as smooth and complete as possible, while providing the flexibility
to tailor the system for exceptions and unusual circumstances

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