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“The Eastmark Group provided me with the opportunity to advance my career objectives, in a position with an industry leader, while earning a great wage. I was in between jobs, looking for the right fit, and wanted to stay in the industry while I continued my search. The staff at The Eastmark Group was able to place me in a highly visible position, with a financial services leader, that bestowed me with additional industry experience and opportunities for growth. I had enjoyed flexibility in my schedule, and an enjoyable work environment, in a great downtown location. It directly helped me in my job search, as when asked what I was currently doing, I had a meaningful position at a great company to discuss. I would highly recommend, to anyone looking to improve their career, to take a look at the Eastmark Group and see how they can help.”

Jason Brafman
Boston, MA.

"The Eastmark Group has a proven track record of success supporting the financial services community. The partners are industry veterans that have a thorough understanding of today's business requirements, a comprehensive knowledge of financial securities and are exceptionally networked with leaders in our business"

Daniel R. Ahern
Executive Vice President,
Managing Director,
Global Business Development

“Working as a consultant for the Eastmark Group gave me an opportunity to continue using my specialized skills in financial services while I was in between careers. I would strongly recommend speaking with them if you need career assistance”

Lisa Twoomey
Dedham, MA.

"Entering my job search, I was looking for a position that would capitalize on my financial background and accomodate my school schedule. Eastmark Consultants listened. They gave me a great opportunity at a top notch company with the hours that I wanted. And I was confident that I was being paid the most with the option of achieving permanent status if I desired. Overall, it's been a great success."

Ryan Opanasets
Eastmark Group Consultant

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